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41 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas Using Video Marketing

Video Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

This real estate marketing guide will show you the best practices to generate free real estate leads using video. These real estate videos can be used to generate leads on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

This is important since 37% of buyers reported using online video sites during their home search journey.  

Get the video marketing checklist via text now to help you plan and shot any of the 41 real estate videos.

Why Real Estate Agents Need to do Video Marketing?

Recent Facebook marketing research “Real Estate Trends & Insights” recommended video. Here’s why:

Other more specific real state marketing stats beyond Facebook. 

Real Estate Video Stats

Buyers & Sellers Use Real Estate Video Content

Here is some National Association of Realtors / Google research on video.

2 Basic Types of Real Estate Marketing Videos

When it comes to video content for real estate there are two primary video types. 

1. Evergreen Real Estate Videos

This type of marketing video content can be reused in many ways since it is always timely. You should focus on creating a library of evergreen real estate videos for every step of the buyer and seller journey. 

You can then use the evergreen real estate videos to build a real estate lead funnel.  This content is used to identify target audiences.

These videos would include the following:

You can also use the real estate listing videos as offers for your other marketing to develop relationships with referral partners and businesses.

An example is to highlight a local divorce attorney who can then refer you business.

2. Property or Listing Videos

These videos have a shorter lifespan since properties sell quickly.  You can repurpose these listing videos as part of your listing presentations. 

Use these past videos in your listing presentations to help you win new listings. These videos will generate more immediate buyer and seller inquiries.

Luxury Real Estate Listing Videos

If you are in a luxury market, your video quality will be highly produced and require a significant investment. Examples of high production value listing videos for luxury and lifestyle such as those below from Raj Qsar from The Boutique Real Estate Group or Sergio Gonzalez from SG Associates.

This video how-to guide focuses on simple, inexpensive self-produced videos.

Use Your Phone to Make Your Marketing Videos

All the real estate video ideas in this guide are meant to be shot using your phone. There is no need to buy the best video equipment or hire a videographer.

If you do buy video equipment;  focus on a stand, microphone, and lighting. 

A simple setup like below will run about $150.   

Now, let’s get to the video marketing checklist.

41 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

The real estate video marketing guide includes video ideas for Facebook (social media) and Youtube.  

We have grouped the videos into four primary video types. Each real estate video marketing idea contains the target audience, location, script and a call to action to generate the leads.  

The list focuses on more evergreen type videos which you’ll only need to once and can continue to reuse and repurpose. 

We created a free PDF Checklist of all of these real estate video ideas:

Let’s get into each of the 4 types of real estate videos.

7 Real Estate Listing Videos Ideas

Here are 7 types of videos you can shot even if you don’t have your own real estate listings. 

Using these video content ideas for your real estate marketing,  you’ll identify buyers in every price range.

12 Community Marketing Videos

86% of home shoppers watch community videos, making them the most-watched type of real estate related videos. Create a large library of these evergreen community videos to become the digital mayor. 

Some of these videos will focus on your knowledge of the local real estate market. This is one of the most important qualities buyers and sellers seek when selecting an agent.

19 Real Estate “How to Video” Ideas

How-to videos are some of the most popular types of videos online. 

3 Types of Real Estate Market Update Videos

“Real Estate Market” is one of the top real estate related search terms.

These real estate market videos should be done regularly as consumers are always curious about “How’s the market?”.

Below is an example of data from Altos Research. If you click on the report, you can signup to receive this real estate marketing data personalized to your zip code that you can use for your own videos. Just enter your market in the search box and subscribe.

Click on the report above to sign up for your local report above and then simply repeat the real estate market data research on video.

How to Capture Leads from Your Real Estate Videos

The goal of doing real estate videos is to get real estate leads.  The most motivated homebuyers and sellers will call. 

Below is the National Association of Realtors data. It shows the 8 top ways consumers first contact the agent they selected to help them with a home purchase.

Here are ways you can capture leads from your real estate marketing videos.

4 Ways to Capture Leads from Marketing Videos

Call to Action to a Call Capture Number

Text for Info Lead Capture

Calendly Link

Website Lead Capture Form

Real Estate Lead Conversion Tips

All of the video ideas provided in this guide focus on identifying high-intent buyers and sellers. Generating the leads is just the start to lead conversion. 

The most important thing is to have a million dollar follow up strategy using automation.

You need to create a follow-up system to follow up with leads for up to a year as you can see from this CAR data.

As you can see, you must have systems in place like Tom Ferry’s million dollar lead follow up strategy.  You need to use a scalable automated real estate lead conversion system like CallAction. 

Best Practices for Real Estate Video Marketing

Now that you have video marketing ideas, here are some other tips to help you get real estate leads and engagement from your videos. 

Remember Real Estate is Local

Location. Location. Location. This is why we recommend you shot the videos at the most recognizable locations. 

Be sure to mention the city or location name in the video to get picked up in the transcriptions for SEO ranking purposes. 

The thumbnail image should be the front of the location to catch people’s attention while scrolling in video newsfeeds.

Why REALTORS Should Do Facebook Live Videos

Facebook research shows that people will spend 3X more time watching a Facebook live video vs. a pre-recorded one. 

Facebook live tips:

Boost Your Business Page Facebook Live Videos

If you do a Facebook live from your business page, you can then promote the live video via paid Facebook video ads.

Create Community Based Youtube Channel for Your Real Estate Business

One of the best examples of becoming the real estate digital mayor is Kyle Whissel of Whissel Realty who has done an incredible job with his YouTube channel East County Eats.

How to Add Transcriptions to Your Marketing Video

You must add video transcriptions to all of your videos. 

Youtube and Facebook both add transcriptions automatically to videos. 

If you need transcriptions for a produced video, you can use Rev.com. 

You will simply upload your video to rev and they will create a transcription file. That video transcription file is then added back to your video.

Where to Promote Your Real Estate Videos

Here’s a list of places to share your real estate videos online: 

Each source has tips and tricks that we’ll cover at a later time.

Top Real Estate Coach Tom Ferry Recommends Video

The number one real estate coach in the world, Tom Ferry recommends video marketing to his real estate agents coaching clients like Kyle Whissel.

Download the Real Estate Video Marketing Checklist 

We have created a video marketing checklist that contains these real estate marketing ideas which you can request below via text.

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