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5-Point Paid Ad Audit

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    Use the “5-Point Paid Ad Audit” to generate high-converting paid media ads (no matter the traffic platform or the type of ad you are running)!

    • 5 elements to score on every Paid Ad (and why scoring poorly on ANY of them can kill your conversion rate)
    • Real-life examples of exceptional paid ads from companies like Hired, Graphly, TalkSpace and what makes their ads CONVERT (and a look at their corresponding landing pages for a more granular look)
    • Proven, actionable strategies that you can use to improve click through and overall conversion rates
    • Works on any paid media in any industry or vertical and we can prove it! (we’ve used it on post for women’s makeup, financial, preparedness, DIY and more…)

    “I use the ‘5-Point Paid Ad Audit’ to diagnose what’s wrong with ad creative that just isn’t converting. This tool helps me pinpoint issues and improve ads on any platform to get more leads for less cost.”

    John Grimshaw Analytics & Data Manager, DigitalMarketer

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