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5 Tools to Help Improve Your Instagram Video Marketing Approach | Social Media Today

Video is clearly one of the top forms of content right now, particularly on social media, and Instagram is certainly no different, with Stories growing to become one of its most-used features and having recently introduced IGTV.

Producing quality video content, however, can be a costly, time-consuming task – that is, of course, unless you have the right tools for the job. 

In this post, I’m going to share five top tools that will improve your Instagram video marketing strategy, covering everything from creation to posting and management.    

1. Quick from GoPro for easy video editing and creation

If you haven’t yet tried GoPro’s Quick app for iOS and Android devices, you’re going to love how easy it is to create and edit videos with it. While it’s true that you don’t have a lot of control over your video, the results look great – plus, you don’t need to have a GoPro camera to use it or share the videos you create.

The way it works is very simple – once you’ve allowed access to your phone’s camera roll, all you have to do to create your video is add the images and video clips you want (at least five for one video). Then, choose one of the multiple themes, and the tool will essentially build the video for you.

That said, you do have some customization options – for example, you can choose how long you want each video clip or image to last, add text overlay for any of your video’s scenes, change the font, as well as add music to it (you can add your own if you have the rights to it, otherwise you can use one of the app’s free songs):

When you create your video, you’ll notice that there is a Quick by GoPro scene at the end – you can remove that by clicking on that scene while in editing mode and then tapping on “disable”. If you also want to watermark your videos, you’ll have to create it using a third-party tool and import the image to your video. 

2. Jumprope to create engaging how-to videos 

Jumprope is an iOS app (which unfortunately is only available on iOS devices) that helps you create beautiful and engaging how-to videos. 

The way it works is super simple, and the results can look amazing – your video is essentially a collection of ‘steps’ – as many steps as you want – whereby each step is a video, photo or a boomerang. You can upload these visuals from your camera roll or take them directly with the app. Afterwards, you can edit your video using one of the various filters, trim your video and speed up certain scenes (for example, you can speed up a step in a cooking process if you’re sharing a how-to video showcasing a recipe). 

The app is perfect for marketers, as you can highlight the products you want to promote, add links and create highly engaging how-to videos. What’s more, you can actually link to the products you want in your how-to video in order to drive traffic and sales. 

3. Agorapulse for managing your Instagram account & scheduling your video content 

Managing an Instagram account – and particularly posting content – has always presented some issues to marketers and businesses. Instagram only recently started to allow third-party tools to publish and schedule updates (not to get into the entire “getting a reminder on your phone to post your Instagram update”- type of issue) but now, there are various tools which offer some very handy features for Instagram marketers.

Agorapulse – a social media management tool that works with Instagram, as well as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube – has several useful Instagram features that will delight those who use a lot of video on Instagram. 

In addition, you also get all the other features you’d expect from a social media management tool. Worth considering in your process. 

4. Hyperlapse and Boomerang: Instagram video creation apps  

Instagram has created several fun content creation tools which you can download from your respective app store.

And in terms of video content in particular, there are two apps that you have to check out (and start using to create fun short videos):

Boomerang screenshots

5. Later: for Instagram management and scheduling 

While Agorapulse works for multiple social networks, Later is all about Instagram.

This Instagram marketing tool basically allows you to plan your entire Instagram strategy and content ahead of time, as well as schedule it to be published directly. 

You can start by uploading all of your Instagram media to your Later account, for safekeeping and easy access. Then, you can use the visual content calendar to plan all of your content and decide when to publish it – as well as, of course, scheduling it. 

It’s worth mentioning that you can post and schedule any type of content you want (photos, videos, Insta Stories) but you will need an Instagram business profile in order to be able to publish them directly.

Apart from planning and scheduling your Instagram, you also get a few other useful features: reposting for those who want to leverage user-generated content (UGC for short), Instagram analytics and, using the Linkin.bio integration, you can link your Instagram posts to your website, blog posts, products pages and pretty much anywhere else you want. 

Video – whether it’s a short Boomerang or a 60-second how-to – is huge right now on Instagram (and certainly not just Instagram). In this post, I’ve shared several useful tools for Instagram marketers, from planning and scheduling tools that will help you save more time, to video creation tools that will help you create better content, faster. 

Hopefully they help to get you thinking about how you can incorporate more video into your Instagram strategy. 

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