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5 Top Tips Generating Leads Through Video Marketing For Podcasts

Let us welcome our guest writer Andre Oentoro!

People listen to podcasts when they drive, during workouts, or when they have free time at home. In the U.S alone, more than 55 percent of customers listen to audio podcasts daily. The popularity of this radio-like format gives marketers out there huge opportunities to boost their brand awareness.

It should come as no surprise that podcasts have been gaining much traction over the past years as more customers adopt this format in their daily routines. Many marketers have jumped into the podcasts bandwagon to create creative content so they can promote their products or services to a broader audience and take a step ahead of their competitors.

You can catch more eyeballs using video marketing for podcasts. This strategy will help you drive more qualified leads which in turn can boost your podcast awareness.

Now, the question is, “how do you use video marketing to generate leads for your podcasts?”

Let’s find out!

Video Marketing for Podcasts: Does It Really Matter?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, it’s important for us to understand how video marketing can add an extra boost to your podcasting in the first place. 

Well, you must know that podcasts are pretty much all about creating content and letting your audiences listen to it. In this case, you can leverage video marketing to boost your podcasting itself. 

The aim here is actually so much more than getting your podcast known. It is mostly focused on generating leads so that you have a higher chance of getting an increased conversion rate.

Same as podcasts, video marketing is huge in today’s digital marketing world. While people love listening to podcasts, they also love to spend hours on social media platforms just to watch online videos. 

Today, people will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos. And on YouTube, the most popular video-hosting platform, users watch at least 5 billion videos each day.

This is why video marketing can be a powerful tool to help you generate leads for your podcast. Online videos can be a great, engaging format to get your podcasting the maximum exposure possible and generate more leads.

How to Generate Leads Through Video Marketing for Podcasts?

One of the main goals of your podcasting should be generating leads. To make it even easier, video marketing comes in handy. 

Leads are crucial for your business — regardless of your business size or the industry you belong to. You can say that today’s leads are tomorrow’s customers.

Here are some essential ways to use video marketing to generate more leads for your podcasting.

Create Gated Video Content

The basic way to generate leads through video marketing is to gate your content. It can be explainer videos, e-books, cheat sheets, reports, etc. Gated video content is only available to watch and can be accessed by people who have submitted their contact information (such as email address, names, locations, and more.

Since they are willing to share their personal information, you need to make sure that you provide them with exclusive, in-depth content for the video — to make a fair trade. Through the video content, you can talk briefly about your podcasting.

One thing to remember here, though. The main aim of your gated video content is to give value to your audiences so you can keep them sticking around. So, make sure that the video that you gate offers solutions to your audiences’ problems. 

Avoid talking too much about your podcasting. After all, no one will submit their personal information just to watch a video bragging about their podcasting game all the way through, right?

Embed a Video on Your Landing Page

Landing pages are one of the most ideal places on your website to host your video. Those pages are crucial pages as visitors are only a few clicks away from performing your desired actions (i.e., collecting their personal information for joining your email lists). In other words, landing pages are the page with the highest lead generation potential. 

In this case, you can create short, bite-sized videos (e.g., explainer videos, how-to videos, customer testimonial videos, product videos, etc.)  and use them to complement your existing landing page copy.

People prefer to watch an online video rather than reading text-heavy, bulky paragraphs to learn more about something. Providing them a video can help them understand your purpose better and develop a stunning business website as well as credibility for your brand.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

You can host your marketing videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. With more than 4.2 billion users worldwide, social media platforms are a potent place to catch more eyeballs and expand your reach.

Today’s social media users are attached to online videos. They scroll their feeds just to enjoy different videos — from educational ones to entertaining ones, like shoot on iPhone memes, curb your memes, and more.

You can create social videos that are talking about your podcasting and show social media users how it offers them solutions and makes their life any easier. When they understand how your brand can help them in some ways, they will tend to find out more about your brand (whether it’s through your podcasting or any other format)

Include a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Creating a marketing video without a clear, obvious action is like catching a fish without bait and a hook — in a desert! You need to communicate your purpose in creating the video so the viewers can be encouraged to perform the desired action.

Since you create videos to generate more leads for your podcasting, you need to make clear to the audiences that they need to submit their contact information in the first place. 

For instance, you create a video about a special offer or discount in exchange for the contact information.

You can also guide them to your podcasting to give your audiences further detail or information about your brand.

Add Videos to Your Email Marketing

Emails are still far away from being dead. Although it might seem outdated and old-school, it remains one of the most lucrative lead generation tools. You can include a video in your monthly newsletter, email offerings, and more.

According to the stats, adding a video to your email campaign can increase open rates by 19%. Moreover, it also boosts clickthrough rates by a whopping 65%. That’s not all, though. Videos on email can reduce the number of unsubscribes by about 26%.

From those staggering numbers above, it clears that placing videos on your email can increase email engagement and add an extra boost to your lead generation efforts.

3 High-Performing Types of Videos to Generate More Leads for Your Podcasts

Now that you understand how to effectively use video marketing to generate more qualified leads for your podcasting campaigns, it’s time to break down some essential types of marketing video that can help you bring maximum results to your lead generation campaigns.

You can use these three types of videos and host them to popular social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, even LinkedIn. By doing so, you can grab more eyeballs and let more audiences know about your podcast and audio content. You might as well want to highlight why they should listen to your podcast.

Here you go:

#1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are well-known for their simplicity and conciseness. This type of marketing video breaks down even the most complicated ideas into snackable chunks so that the viewer can easily retain the information.

As the name suggests, it helps you explain your brand messages concisely, making it an ideal lead generation tool. You can include your podcasting through a story-driven narrative to make it less hard-selling.

More often than not, explainer videos start with an intriguing, relatable question to catch viewer attention right off the bat. And the animation plays such an important role in holding their focus, encouraging them to watch the video all the way through.

#2. How-to Videos

No one will be willing to submit their personal contact information unless they have a fair exchange. In this case, you can opt for how-to videos. This type of video shows the viewer how they can leverage your product to their advantage and get the maximum benefit from it.

It gives the viewer a step-by-step guide on how to use your product properly. Not only will it help you to increase your conversion rates, but it will also generate more trust — which can lead to more qualified leads.

#3. Case Study Videos

Case study videos are an excellent type of video when it comes to inspiring viewers. It helps in outlining a company’s success or effectiveness. You can use it to generate more leads as it proves your brand’s capability. 

When the viewers find your brand so authoritative and the video is inspiring, they should have no problem submitting their names and email addresses.

Final Thoughts

Relying on podcasting alone to generate more leads can be quite challenging. You need an extra strategy in order to see quicker, more effective results. With video marketing, you can boost your podcasting awareness as people are attracted to online videos.

The more people watch your marketing videos, the more they are aware of your podcasts. When they trust your brand enough, and you offer them a good exchange, they will give their personal contact information. And that is how you can generate more leads.

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