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5 Video Marketing Mistakes and What to Do About Them: Advice From the Pros : Social Media Examiner

Is your video marketing working? Could you be making mistakes that are hurting your results?

We asked top industry experts which video marketing mistakes they see most often and how to avoid making them.
5 Video Marketing Mistakes and What to Do About Them: Advice From the Pros by Lisa D. Jenkins on Social Media Examiner.

#1: Losing Video Viewers Due to Lengthy Intros

The biggest mistake I see people making with videos on Facebook and Instagram is failing to create content that’s tailored specifically to these platforms and the way users behave while interacting with them.

For example, we know that the average video view time on Facebook is about 6 seconds. That means we literally have 6 seconds to grab our audience’s attention and convince them to keep watching.

I often see videos that start with a long, vague introduction, or nice-looking B-roll footage but no actual content. It doesn’t matter how good the content is if you fail to get users to watch past those first few seconds; no one will see the gold that lies further in.

Along similar lines, we know that the vast majority of users on these platforms watch videos with the sound off. That means you need to grab attention without relying on audio.

The solution to this is twofold. Add captions to every video you upload and make sure your visual content is eye-catching and appeals to your audience without relying on audio. To illustrate, if your video is for surfers, setting it on the beach with surfers in the background will instantly make it more appealing to that audience as they scroll through the feed.

Andrew Hubbard has designed and executed strategies for some of the biggest digital product launches in the industry.

#2: Producing Video Content That Ignores Customer Searches

One of the biggest video marketing mistakes we see people make is creating the content they think their audience and ideal customers need rather than what those people actually want—what they’re actually typing into search bars online.

It’s one of the biggest reasons videos aren’t discovered online; don’t log views; and become basically invisible after the first few weeks, days, or even hours after uploading.

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Do some simple keyword research to discover what your ideal customers are actually searching for, see the amount of search traffic those terms or topics log per month, and create videos strategically based on those topics.

This will give your video content the best opportunity to show up in search results on platforms such as Google and YouTube.

Keywords Everywhere is a free browser plugin that helps you identify topics and reveals search volumes for those topics when used in conjunction with the autofill suggestions in Google and YouTube search.

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#3: Expecting One Video to Achieve Too Many Goals

One of the best ways to generate results with your marketing efforts is to design each piece of content to strategically accomplish a goal. On our website, for instance, we craft our home page to accomplish a specific goal, which differs from the goal of our Contact page, so we design that differently than our home page. Same with our sales page, product page, and About page. You likely do the same.

Yet when it comes to online video, specifically on YouTube, people sometimes forget that principle and bring a lot of goals to each video. You want every YouTube video to log a lot of views, gain new subscribers, encourage comments, rank #1 in search, be featured on the home page of Reddit, drive traffic to your website, generate email signups, increase sales, and more. When that’s the case, that video will likely do none of those things well.

Instead, craft each YouTube video with a specific goal in mind. Typically, those goals should revolve around one of these three objectives:

It’s best to not mix them too much. Your YouTube strategy will be far more effective when you craft each video to accomplish one specific goal.

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Tim Schmoyer has more than 10 years of experience working with over 500 clients. He’s helped his clients organically gain over 14 billion views and 61 million subscribers on YouTube.

#4: Pushing Long-Form Video to Snacking Audiences

Eager to uncover that secret elixir to hack the algorithm and bust sluggish Instagram growth? Good news! No hack needed! Here’s a simple rule of thumb: use Instagram’s latest feature or updates to gain their favor.

Here’s why. Developers at Instagram have one objective: Keep users on the platform longer. With this goal in mind, algorithms seem geared to reward content that meets that objective. Here’s how that relates to the latest installment of IGTV.

IGTV was launched as a new stand-alone app for watching long-form, vertical video; however, discovery and habitual viewership proved challenging. Navigation and zero representation on the Explore page delivered lackluster views for creators. And with no views, there’s no loyalty.

Admittedly, IGTV’s release generated little interest in its first year due to low view counts; vertical video formatting; and nonexistent revenue for influencers, ad agencies, and brands.

Then just months ago, Instagram released several IGTV enhanced updates. The two most meaningful of those updates included the option for users to post 1-minute previews of the full-length IGTV content to their feed. Second, and perhaps most notable, is the prominent placement of IGTV videos on the Explore page.

Game-changers! These latest changes now make it far easier to leverage exposure from IGTV to grab attention and potential new followers.

If you’ve experimented with IGTV and haven’t gotten good results, the following may help repair “missteps.”

Don’t broadcast long-form video—ain’t nobody got time (yet). Though some creators can produce content up to 1 hour long, the platform is best known for quick pics, 15-second videos, and fast content. IGTV content in the 3- to 5-minute range tends to perform best (at the moment).

Don’t repurpose content for IGTV. Without question, native content performs better. While it’s tempting to repurpose killer YouTube content, a repurposed landscape video can feel a bit like a hand-me-down.

Avoid titling video in an un-engaging manner. Certainly, quick engagement via comments helps land IGTV videos on the Explore page. Instead of giving your video a typical title, use that space to ask a quick, engaging question related to your content.

From a strategic perspective, early adopters always seem to have the greatest advantage. Instagram continues to be the fastest-growing social video platform. Revisit IGTV and put these tips to the test.

Chalene Johnson is a world-renowned motivational speaker, fitness trainer, and online business coach. She uses IGTV to grow her ever-expanding business and will teach you how to do the same.

#5: Bypassing the Emotional Investment of Customers

Video (especially live video) can be one of the most powerful marketing tools you use in your business. But often people jump to the end too quickly. Getting your audience to invest emotionally before they invest financially is key to long-term success.

How? You want to tie multiple videos together with a thread that weaves in and out of telling a story to create a buzz around your product.

Here’s an example:

You start work on your next product. It’s in its infancy stages… maybe all you have is an idea. You mention this in a video or live video. To be clear, the mention is an aside in a video, not the topic of the entire video.

“I’m so excited! I just started working on this new project because so many people told me they wanted it, so your wish is my command!”

In the next video or live video, you casually make another mention.

“By the way, in my last video I mentioned I was starting to work on (product/idea), and wow! You’re excited! So, let me ask you, what do you want to see included?”

As time goes on, you’re creating a thread between your videos that shares the story of the product creation. This gets your audience emotionally invested in the outcome. Now they’re a part of the creation process; it’s as much their product as it is yours.

This sets your video marketing up for success when you finally offer the product to your audience. It’s a subtle but incredibly powerful tactic that will increase your engagement, loyalty, and marketing results!

Luria Petrucci, co-founder of Live Streaming Pros and one of the most sought-after experts of live video, has coached some of the biggest names in the online marketing industry, helping them master the art of live video. 

What do you think? Are you making any of these mistakes in your video marketing? Have you seen other mistakes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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