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Apple launches new social media marketing tools for app developers

What you need to know

  • Apple has added new marketing tools for developers.
  • The new tools are designed to help developers more easily advertise their apps on social media.
  • The tools help developers create assets like banners and images.

You can now leave it to Apple to help advertise your app in the App Store.

Developers now have more tools to easily advertise their apps on social media and other areas.

In a news post to the Developer website, Apple announced new tools for developers to easily create marketing assets on social media. The company says that the tools will help people easily create assets like banners and images to advertise their apps and services.

You can now easily create custom marketing assets — such as banners and images — to promote your apps on social media and more. Simply select your app, choose a template, customize your design, and add preset messages in multiple languages. Your assets will be available instantly in all the right sizes, making sharing easier than ever. You can also continue to use these App Store marketing tools to create short links or embeddable code that lead to your App Store product page and display your app icon, a QR code, or an App Store badge.

On the App Store Promote Tool website, you can select your app and then create assets that are great for sharing across social media stories and posts:

  • You built the app, now let’s build a loyal following. This tool makes it easy to create custom messaging that can be shared across your social channels.
  • Create a post as unique as your app. Choose a promotion, select a background, and pick your sizes. It’s as simple as that

You also have the ability to customize your assets with different purposes, languages, and backgrounds. Once you choose everything you can then download your assets and use them wherever you like.

There aren’t a ton of options like more advanced tools but it is nice to see a quick and easy way for those who aren’t into graphic design or marketing to easily create marketing assets for their apps.

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