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Big Data

Analytics Solutions

Process Large | Diverse | Complex Data Sets with Big Data

We perform complex analytics on unstructured data to optimize processes, unlock data value and deliver insights in real-time

Actionable Insights

Advanced Analytics Solutions help in anticipating future events to make faster and better decisions by using various techniques like operational analytics, risk analytics, and customer value analytics

Personalized Experience

Delight your customers with a personalized experience. Using analytic solutions, you can keep a track on consumer behavior thus offer recommended products with dynamic discounts for a pleasant and happy shopping experience

Cost-Effective Supply Chain

Embrace big data and analytic solutions to generate a complete overview of your supply chain enterprise that helps in assessing inventory levels, identifying potential backlog issues and predicting product fulfillment needs.

How Mature Is Your Organization’s

Analytics Program?

Not even a single organization evolves through these maturity phases at the same rate in a single way!

Where does your enterprise stand into this picture?

Stream Computing

Stream computing connects to all data sources that help organizations in spotting opportunities and risks across all data.
Clavax Stream computing offers a complete analysis of data-in-motion to deliver high performance in real-time
analytics. With well-suited development environment to advanced toolkits, we enable enterprises to process
data streams that are never ceasing. The data can be originated from different real-time mediums
like IoT, sensors, clickstreams, and transactions

Generate the Data

Create new strategies to structure data for
better decision making

Frame the Data

Builds a framework of data to drive efficiencies
and investment opportunities

Exploit the Data

Visualize data to gain intelligence, simplicity
and robust in your solutions

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The Best of our
Technology Expertise

Let’s look at how forward-looking big data analytics has
yielded remarkable results for major companies across the globe.

Use Case Identification

We are a renowned Big Data and Analytics Solutions Company that provides reliable and effective analytic solutions to simplify
IT infrastructure, innovate business models and accelerate business processes. The main five use cases that are
essential when you step into the world of Big Data.

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Integrating multiple sources of internal as well as external data to generate a 360-degree view of the consumer

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Augmenting cyber security with fraud detection, risk identification and real-time monitoring of incoming or outgoing data streams

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Exploring data to discover, visualize and understand all enterprise data to improve decision making

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Integration and optimization of data warehouse capabilities along with big data to facilitate new forms of analysis

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Analysis of sensory data to gain real-time visualizations on consumer behavior, transaction, experience and operations

Making Advanced Analytics Work for Your Business

Don’t let the gauntlet of digital data scare you! Bluoo Digital can help make sense of your business data with reliable intelligence
for critical decision making and competitive advantage

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