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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Informed Decision-Making to Empower Organizations

Business Intelligence Defined

A technology-driven process that use reports, visualizations, dashboards and information analysis to transform data into
actionable intelligence helping organization’s strategic & tactical business decisions

Our Key Services for Business-Critical Decisions

We specialize in helping organizations optimize their capabilities to leverage business data for better
decisions with the top-level business intelligence services

BI Consulting

Enable customers to transform unstructured data into meaningful insights keeping the focus on gathering data from various sources (ETL), arranging it in a data warehouse, making OLAP cubes and developing intuitive data visualization

BI Development

As per the requirements, we provide customers with a strong BI environment and services like hardware consulting, designing a warehouse, setting up ETL, data cleaning processes as well as delivery of OLAP/ROLAP systems

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Dashboarding and Data Visualization

Build reports and dashboards using multiple data sources to get the best insights of the company and enable customers to look beyond figures, focus more on what's important, spot new trends, solve challenges, etc.

BI Testing

Perform several types of testing such as data warehouse and ETL testing, load, performance and report testing to ensure that the BI solution is running as intended as well as maintain information accuracy, reporting efficiency & data security

Our Expertise in Smart BI Reporting Tools

We specialize in integrated BI and advanced analytics to extract, interpret & bring together your customers’ opinions to accelerate decision making in response to business needs using innovative tools

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Ways to Add More Value Using Business Intelligence

Your business data is evolving every day! Exploring data with the right tool to unlock new patterns and create interactive reports for smarter business results. With our analytics and BI tools, you can

Identify Risk & Lower Cost

End-to-end visibility across internal & external data helps to anticipate issues, reduce costs & identify future risks

Capitalize on Opportunities

Allow organizations to identify sales trends based on users' preferences, habits, etc. to choose the best solution & capitalize on buying trends

Gain better business understanding

Meaningful analysis & reporting helps in making tactical business decisions with a better understanding to take proactive measures

Improve customer experience

Quickly analyze positive/negative trends in real time & track profitability without wasting multiple hours taken to assemble & validate data

Forecast new revenue streams

BI tools aid in sales decisions by finding out where & how your ideal users search information & what drives them to purchase

Save time wasted on data grunt work

With business-driven analysis & performance management, analytical needs of users are addressed properly for a better experience

Transforming Data into Opportunity with BI & Analytics

Using data-driven initiatives, organizations can grow their businesses with the access to powerful insights at fingertips.
Let’s see how Business Intelligence growth and value can impact the world of business in future.

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75% of respondents say they are planning to use Business Intelligence (BI) on Big Data!

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The BI and Analytics market is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2019

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Companies using Analytics are 5x more likely to make faster and smarter decisions

Making Advanced Analytics Work for Your Business

Don’t let the gauntlet of digital data scare you! Bluoo Digital can help make sense of your business data with reliable intelligence
for critical decision making and competitive advantage

Need the Power of BI to Ease Business Flow?

If you want to fuel your business results with a well-implemented BI solution
and get the benefits from analytical insights to deliver extraordinary experiences,
talk to our experts!

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