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Excellent Video Marketing Tips For Lead Generation

Excellent Video Marketing Tips For Lead Generation

year, more than at any other time in recent memory, video marketing will
benefit your firm. Including video in your marketing strategy can yield a
variety of benefits, ranging from obtaining more leads to pleasing current
clients and converting them into repeat customers, and everything in between.

in particular, may help you generate more leads at every stage of your
customer’s buying process. Video can and should be used to strengthen your
current lead generation efforts, whether it’s to increase brand awareness
during the awareness stage, engage leads during the consideration stage, or
nurture a “yes” during the decision stage.

are the top methods you should implement in your current lead funnels to boost
lead creation at every stage:

your online lead generation by using videos.

a brand video or explainer video to promote yourself and your services, then
advertising it with video advertisements on social media platforms where your
potential leads gather online, is a wonderful approach to boost awareness and
begin drawing new leads. Because videos stand out more in a congested newsfeed
and are more likely to attract a viewer’s attention due to autoplay options on
most social platforms, video advertising are better for engagement and brand
recall metrics than traditional image ads.

sales landing page should include a video.

your video advertising has drawn in new viewers, integrating video on a landing
page or company website is a terrific way to keep them engaged after they’ve
clicked through to learn more. By sending viewers to a specific landing page
that you link to in a video, you can further increase the number of people that
watch it. Users can also be directed to a landing page that contains a video by
clicking through from an ad.

your follow-up emails, use personalised videos.

want to include videos in your lead nurturing efforts once you have a lead’s
contact information and have added them to your sales or marketing funnel.
Personal video follow-ups will provide the most value to you and your sales
team in terms of sales funnels. These are movies created by a member of the
sales team, either using a webcam or a smartphone camera, and are tailored to
the lead with whom they are corresponding. The lead will feel more interested
and hence more likely to respond to your follow up if you create a video that
is hyper-targeted to an individual lead.

add value to viewers by educating, informing, and entertaining them. They are
also the ideal medium for learning about new products or services, so don’t
forget to include them in your lead generation funnels! Please get in touch
with us if you need any additional assistance with lead generation.

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