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Gayle Benson: Dixie Brewery changing name and branding

One of the most important responsibilities, and greatest opportunities, our teams have had over the years is to unite, inspire and lead our community- particularly in difficult times,” Benson said. “Following Hurricane Katrina, my late husband Tom and I decided we would focus on finding New Orleans businesses who were at risk of failing or being sold to companies outside of our region.”

“When presented the opportunity to purchase the majority of Dixie Beer and return the iconic brand to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina we felt this would be a unique opportunity to restore something that has been the true neighborhood beer for generations of New Orleanians,” Benson said in a statement.

She added that she wants to make sure the brand represents the entire community. She said after research and reaching out to community leaders, they felt the Dixie brand would be a sign of rebuilding following the storm.

“Since opening, the brewery has been extraordinarily successful in attracting thousands of people to visit New Orleans East and enjoy good food, great beer and good company in a beautiful setting. We have been gratified to see the diversity of our customers who visit from all corners of New Orleans, our region and from around the country,” Benson said.

She said as New Orleans and the country evolves, they felt it was necessary to reflect on the role of the brewery and how it can make “our home more united, strong and resilient for future generations.”

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