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Generate More Revenue with AI and Video Marketing during COVID-19

AI and video
marketing are two
resources and technologies that go hand in hand. Video marketing remains one of the best forms of marketing, which
has maximum outreach compared to other marketing forms. It is even possible to
sell luxury real estate remotely by using AI and video marketing. There has been more creative use of AI just
within the last five years than there was in the last 50 years.

How has Video Marketing integrated with AI to Produce Revenue?

Video marketing has smoothly integrated with AI to generate
more revenue. One of the best examples of AI and video marketing integration is Duvora, an excellent
technology provider specializing in digital marketing dedicated to the
luxurious real estate. Duvora has utilized the power of AI and video marketing technology to run highly successful
digital marketing practices and earn maximum revenue between $5 million and $30
million. With a new AI-driven video platform dedicated to virtual luxury home
tours, video marketing is another
form of marketing. It can effectively fulfill the needs of affluent home
buyers, especially in the COVID-19 time.

Best Practices for the Utilization of AI and Video Marketing

Here is the list of best practices to use video marketing with AI optimally to
get the best possible results for your business:

varying the videos.

Whether you are showcasing a beach house or a
penthouse, it is essential to create clear distinctions in your video content; AI and video marketing can help you
learn quickly through contrasting outcomes.

the Regular visitors

Visitors returning to your website or business
usually have a much different approach after the first time they took an
interest in your website. AI and video
marketing are great tools to study the unique differences between
customers’ behaviors and can help you generate more revenue by personalizing
follow-up and outreach.

Out Old Snapshots

making the transition to AI-backed video
marketing is part of your end-goals, you should stick to the plan with your
100% commitment. It is essential to eliminate all the pictures related to your
marketing activities, as they may come across as they may look out-dated.

 Application of AI
and video marketing for Better Result

AI and video
marketing are two
technologies that work smoothly with one another to provide the best results
possible for your business. Let us examine Duvora’s platform once again. The
platform is highly capable of ingesting videos from luxury real estate
properties, primarily in international markets such as Spain, California,
Florida, and New York. Video marketing
has helped the business to provide excellent video coverage of the real estate.
In contrast, AI has made it possible to process information about various
scenes in the video.

Together, AI and
video marketing have helped
create a timeline of all the scenes and a better understanding of where and
when they’ll appear. AI and video
marketing have helped identify each room within the property, along with
the amenities, layout of the bedrooms, the kitchen space and design, the aerial
views of the property, and other unique characteristics. AI and video marketing can track the same user experience of the
person reviewing the exclusive real estate property. They can track which room
guests have visited, where they have stayed the longest, which amenities and
objects were viewed, and generate a profile for the visitor’s behavior for the
real estate agent.

Investment in AI and Video marketing can generate a much better ROI than an
investment in traditional photography. AI
and Video marketing have given businesses immediate and clear insight
into what buyers are looking for by dramatically shortening the entire sales
cycle. With the COVID-19 pandemic, videos need to be shot well with more
high-quality cinematography, using artificial intelligence in the right way
that can lead to generating revenue.

The Value of AI and Video Marketing in Business

Video marketing provides a unique value towards businesses,
unlike any other type of marketing practice. If we consider Duvora’s example
once again and how it targets luxury real estate owners, video marketing can acquire and retain
the right audience. 

Video marketing has helped to get more viewers who spend
their time on aerial shots of the luxury real estate, rather than people
concerned with the property shape and size. As COVID-19 has increased the
buyers’ desire for space, businesses like Duvora have put more effort and
resources into AI and Video marketing.

With these resources’ investment, it is
possible for more outstanding AI tracking, particularly in video segments. By
starting the video platform with AI earlier than its competitors, businesses
have significantly expanded their reach to a high-net-worth audience.

newer AI capabilities have allowed us to provide a hyper-personalized
experience, which can significantly monitor traffic and move past the number of
times a video or video segment has been viewed. AI tracking gives us information
on the property being viewed and can be combined with multiple listing service
data to showcase various properties in the future.

AI and video
marketing have helped
identify and back Multiple Listing Service data by identifying the prospective
properties to be shown to prospects and customers. Multiple Listing Service
information is not always in-depth, and video
marketing has helped fill the informational gaps.

There are hundreds of metadata tags on every
type of video, giving more insight into consumer preferences. Any company that
has invested its funds and resources in video
marketing with the help of AI has pushed them light-years of most of the

Why AI and Video Marketing is an Absolute Must for

According to the most recent survey conducted
by Deloitte’s survey of information technology and line-of-business executives-
AI has become an absolute necessity! Near about 61% of respondents expect AI to
transform the industry within the next three years substantially. Early
adopters have made significant investments, with nearly 53% more spending on AI and video marketing within the past

The total amount comes to nearly $20 million,
and the category of adopters has increased from 21% to 26% since the survey. AI and video marketing have been
viewed as necessary are more and more organizations every day, since the
COVID-19 pandemic began. Video
marketing remains one of the best tools that businesses possess to reach
out to their customers on a much grander scale with AI.

In Conclusion:

Video marketing has been one of the best ways to accelerate
the speed of the marketing process. Personalization of the customer experience
has helped balance the entire revenue as AI has left its mark in the luxury
real estate space. Video marketing
is a resource that must be utilized to gain the maximum exposure and best
results for you and your business. By utilizing the power of AI and video marketing, you can get
the best results for you and your business.

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