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How to Create a YouTube Channel | Video Marketing Insider

Last updated on September 2, 2020

Where is your target audience right now?

Insight from DataReportal shows that 79% of internet users own a YouTube account.

And with a 2 billion monthly active user count, a good chunk of those accounts are being used to watch YouTube videos often. 

This makes YouTube the second most popular social media platform right now.

The advantages of connecting through social media platforms can never be overstated; the benefits robust, especially for businesses.

YouTube is one of these social media platforms that, when it comes to marketing, you cannot afford to ignore. 

78.8% (approx. 8 out of 10) marketers to be the most effective video marketing channel.

These numbers show that YouTube could be used as an instrument of success to any business owners.

Putting your business out there on YouTube equivocally means putting out there to a wide range of audiences who may like what you commodify, commercialize and advertise.

Setting up a YouTube channel like with other social media platforms is quite easy.

To help you through this process, we have compiled the different steps on how to create a YouTube channel.

How To Set Up Your Youtube Channel In Simple Steps

Google is directly linked with YouTube, so to open a YouTube account, you need a Google account.

If you already have a Google account through Gmail or any Google service, then you can skip this step.

If your existing Google account was initially opened for private use, you could still proceed to use it for your brand or business.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to use your personal Google account for your business, then you could always open another Google account.

Here’s how to get yourself a Google account:

Creating your YouTube business account

Your Google Account gives you direct access to a YouTube account; all you have to do is just link the Google account when you open YouTube.

Since your proposed YouTube account will be for official use, then you will have to select the option of creating a brand account rather than a personal one. 

A personal account has limited features and restricted operation interface when compared to that of a brand account.

A personal account only gives you the option of you being the only person that can operate the account.

Also, your channel will automatically have the same name as your Google account, which won’t be ideal and proper for the promotion of your business through your channel.

When you opt for a brand account and finally set it up, you can then customize your channel for your business.

And use the multiple operation handle to tweak and grant access to your team members who will be helping you.

Here’s how to customize your brand account. 

Personalizing your channel

Your YouTube channel should be customized to fit into your current brand identity.

When an existing customer finds the channel, they should be able to immediately associate it with your brand.

And when a user’s first brand interaction is with your YouTube channel, they should also be able to associate it with your other communication channels when encountered. 

Here’s how to complete the basic customization needs of your YouTube channel. 

Here’s the quick method to add links to your YouTube channel:

Getting your first video out there

At this stage, your YouTube channel should look in line with your brand.

You need to start adding video content to support your marketing needs.

Here are the steps to upload your first video.

Creating a YouTube channel structure

Once you’ve started uploading videos to your channels, you might need to keep your content organized.

This makes it easier for users to find relevant content on your page without sifting through tons of content. 

For example, if you upload videos on specific commodities, you can categorize them on your channel like so: ‘Kitchen Utensils’, ‘Living Room Appliances’, ‘Bedroom Makeover’, e.t.c.

This makes your channel less stressful to navigate.

You can always restructure your channel at any time, but you should build the basic framework when you’re starting your channel.

Here’s how to create playlists for your videos:

Now, you can proceed to create sections for the YouTube channel. 

Create a channel trailer

A channel trailer is a video to introduce visitors to your channel.

That said, you can also add a video that you’d like to get more views to.

It should tell new visitors about the basic purpose of your channel and what kind of information they can expect from your videos.

Here are the steps on how to create a channel trailer:

Add your team members

Now that your YouTube channel is active, you may need to add members of your team such as marketers, advertisers, and your content team.

Verify your account to gain more features and accesses

You need to verify your account to gain access to certain features, such as being able to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes.

Here are the steps to follow to verify your YouTube account. 

If the information you provide is correct, your channel will be verified.

And you’ll notice that option to upload longer videos and to generate thumbnails will now be made accessible to you.

Join the YouTube partner program and monetize your channel

This is completely optional, especially for business channels.

But many businesses also use their YouTube channel to generate extra revenue.

This revenue can be used to fund their marketing activities. 

Consider Slidebean, a pitch deck and presentation design platform.

Their YouTube channel is constantly updated with videos of their CEO, Caya, talking about business and investments.

With over 113 thousand subscribers, we can assume that Slidebean brings in significant revenue through ads. 

If you want to monetize your channel, note that your videos must collectively have at least 4,000 hours in watch time over the past 12 months.

The channel must also have at least 1,000 subscribers. 

Here’s how to apply to monetize your videos:

Your application to join the YouTube Partner Program will be reviewed and responded to within a few weeks. 

A Youtube channel is akin to your website and must be treated as such.

It’s great for branding and traffic, but, like a website, must have strong foundations first before it can grow.

Also realise that a channel does not need to go viral.

Subscribers and the like are just vanity metrics and cannot be cashed in at the end of the day.

A small channel, with laster targeted videos that rank and attract a specific pocket of people can work better than a huge viral channel many times.

We hope this post gets you off on the right track when creating your YouTube channel.

To speed up the process and get an over the shoulder look at how to implement all these steps then this beginner course is advised.

PS…We hope you liked this post on how to create a YouTube channel. Please leave any comments or questions below and share this article with your friends.

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