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How To Produce More Referrals Producing Real Estate Branding Videos

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Are you beginning to see all these terrific realty branding videos being created? Have you noticed just how much attention they’re getting? They’re funny, various, and not actually expert at all! Ten years ago a Realtor would be looked down upon for producing something like this, however today things are much different.

All of that attention being generated is changing into closed transactions!

So why are talking head more “professional videos” getting less and less engagement while the more personable and less “professional” videos are getting countless views, hundreds of comments, and sometimes even gone viral?

Individuals desire REAL!

The most engaging videos today are including a representative’s character and brand into the subject they are discussing. For instance, one of the most current viral realty videos showcased a listing representative doing the “Floss” in all the spaces of your home. It currently has 1,159,528 views!

Another video posted just recently that had another agent dancing around the listing getting 500,000+ views last I checked! I do not see any talking head Real estate agent videos concentrating on the most recent market update getting that sort of attention, do you?


We have the opportunity to do things today that would have been impossible ten years ago with the power of social media. Understanding how adjust real estate branding videos into your marketing strategy needs a mental shift in your state of mind. The objective of real estate branding videos is top of mind brand name awareness, not lead generation. It’s to build authority and position you as the local expert, not to make your newest sales pitch. It’s to start a discussion, connect, and after that engage, not to close a lead.

Step 1: Understand The Brand Name Prior To You Market It

You are the brand name. Not the broker you work for. 96 % of customers chose the representative, not the brand they were associated with. I get it. It’s strange thinking of yourself as a brand name, but it’s a must if you want to start developing real estate branding videos for your company. As soon as you determine what your brand name is, it’s a lot easier to “market it”. In this post, I will walk you through a number of brand names we turned!.?. !!

STEP 2: Define Who Your Audience Is Video is a brand name building interaction technique, not a list building technique. Create property videos for the attention of your audience … Before you begin shooting your first couple of real estate branding videos, you need to first realize who your audience is. In real estate, you have two audiences. The very first is your database. Your database of relationships is your primary audience due to the fact that they are accountable for over 65+% of agent company each year. Marketing your database with real estate branding videos allows you to keep your brand name in front of them in a humanizing and entertaining type of way.

Individuals work with representatives they, know, like, trust, are referred to, but just when they are remembered! There’s not a better interaction strategy than video since of the effect it leaves with your audience. A great property branding video strategy will permit you to keep your name in front of your database of relationships and previous clients in a manner that is not pleading for business.

Realty branding videos can be utilized as a database nurturing strategy to remain in touch with your database in an enjoyable way, which will magnify your database marketing efforts.

Audience # 2

Your 2nd audience is consisted of individuals you don’t know yet, but would probably agree if you did. To puts it simply, it’s made from people who are a spitting image of yourself. With the Internet today, you can place your real estate branding videos in front of your perfect audience quite quickly.

Online Realty Branding Videos Circulation List

  1. You can optimize your real estate videos to appear on rank on YouTube.
  2. You can publish your videos to long live on your site.
  3. You can also use your realty videos for marketing projects through Facebook and Instagram ads too.

There are two things that matter most when running a real estate branding video project.

  1. Consistency— Making one property video every other month isn’t going to develop your brand. You need to look at video no in a different way than you would direct mail farming. You are producing consistent content with the function of establishing name brand name acknowledgment with time. If you are going to do it, you need to dedicate to a particular frequency.
  2. Credibility— If you look uncomfortable on cam, it’s going to show. It’s exceptionally crucial you produce video content around something you are currently enthusiastic about. Doing so will offer you a limitless amount of video material you can create(don’t worry I’ll discuss throughout the rest of this post).

Step 3: Define Your Brand

To offer you on some clarity with what I simply composed, we are going to use a number of examples from a few of our recent clients who went through our

Flip This Agent procedure. Meet Hazel Rosete. Homes By Hazel Is her Brand with her slogan being “An Economically Fit Experience”. Hazel is not a real estate agent, she is a body builder/fitness expert who likewise happens to offer houses. She helps clients make smart economically “fit” realty decisions utilizing the concepts of discipline she lives by in her fitness life. Because Hazel loves fitness so much, it’s the focus of her real estate branding videos moving forward.

The Visual Branding

Your visual branding is very essential due to the fact that of the way your brain takes in information. Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text so what you see is more effective than what you state. Remember we are playing the video game of attention. We are constantly defending the attention of our audiences. Your visual brand is just one manner in which occurs. Would marketing her broker’s brand do her any justice?

In Hazel’s case, her database already knows that she loves physical fitness. Her new branding helps her remind here database of her property service while also place her property company to bring in individuals who Hazel will relate with anyways.

If you read through the remarks, you’ll see where her database acknowledges the connection!

This is a huge popularity contest and when you are fighting for top of mind brand name awareness, it’s essential that your credibility shines.

The Content Method

So what does hazel speak about? She will be carrying out small business owner interviews concentrating on “healthy” or “fit” locations in her local market.

  • Juice shops
  • Health clubs
  • Organic restaurants
  • Outdoor activities in the area

She can produce videos concentrating on local destinations or organizations that focus around fitness. Real estate representatives should be regional experts, right? That’s truly all she’ll be doing. The name of her video series can be called “Fit San Diego”.

As she creates these company interviews she can turn these into small TELEVISION commercials and construct on relationships with people she would naturally communicate with anyways. Do not you believe purchasers and sellers want to deal with somebody they understand, like, & & trust? It’s natural that we work with like minded people.

Take a look at your last 10 customers closed!

Did you observe that you ended up becoming pals with them? It’s not coincidence, it’s since you bring in like minded people, we all do. People are attracted to others who share similar tastes and experiences as they do. Producing realty branding videos begins by establishing a connection with individuals and then on building that relationship.

Meet Maria Trujillo aka The Social Agent

Maria is Tucson’s A lot of Sociable Agent! When we were getting to know Maria, it was apparent who she was and what she liked to do. I understood her social life was on point. She is fun, entertaining, and loves working with people. She likewise knew everything you might think of about Tucson from schools to the current dining establishment openings. She is the meaning of a local expert.

The Visual Branding

The design is enjoyable, vibrant, and amusing. She desired something that would show who she is and how she works. Maria’s database knows her social personality as her visual story is represented in her logo design. The style assists advise her database of her service along with attract others who are simply as social as she is!

The Material Strategy

So what does The Friendly Agent discuss? She will be carrying out small company owner interviews in friendly atmospheres.

  • New restaurant openings
  • Bars
  • Tucson occasions and annual activities

Maria is visiting these places anyways so all she needs to do now is begin recording her journey. Developing a property video marketing technique like this is sort of like shooting your own reality program. Maria’s show can be called “Tucson Social” and she can release two episodes a month. She consistently markets her database through video email and direct mail, but her real estate branding video marketing method is about to remove!

Did you like this short article? Assist us get the word out and share it amongst your good friends and with your broker so we can put a Property Marketing Guy in your office!

So what are your ideas about developing some realty branding videos for your organization? Does it make good sense? You can do it!

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