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How to Use Video Marketing to Dominate Competition & Increase Traffic

If you’re looking for a way to give your business a competitive edge, look no further. Video marketing is the future. Big platforms like YouTube are the go-to for young people to consume media. The app has become the second largest search engine after Google. It’s essential to get a good advertisement campaign going to draw in new audience members.

With a good video campaign, traffic will come flocking to your blog and/or website. This leads to more leads and customers interested in your products or your services. It’s never too late to start using audio-visual media to your advantage. But, where to start? It may seem overly complicated to add it to your marketing strategies, but if you don’t, you’ll be missing out on an entire market.

Let’s break down how to get video working for your business.

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Video marketing is the direction that many marketing strategies are moving toward. Technology is becoming central for companies to promote themselves. People spend a lot of time watching things. Audiences tend to be more convinced by watchable advertisements over other content.

Videos aren’t just excellent for showcasing a product or service. They are also perfect for placing links to your website and blog. You can place them in the description section. Most platforms have features that allow hyperlinks directly in their media. This means more traffic than ever going straight to your products and blog.

If you’re struggling with brand awareness, video marketing is the way to go. Short, catchy audio-visual messages have high chances of going viral. This means reaching a wider audience.

Engagement with visual media blows other forms of media out of the water. They can boost conversations about your product by up to 80%. More people talking about your brand means more purchases and website hits.

Creating a Video Marketing Strategy that Works for Your Company

The way you use this medium must be unique to your company. Audiences can tell if you are copying someone else. It might seem easier to lift the strategy of another company for your campaign, but it will hurt you in the end. You should aim for original content that audiences love.

Getting bad press for unoriginal content will hurt your brand. It will drive audiences away instead of bringing them to your website.

With the goal of creating unique strategies, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here is a brief checklist of the essentials:

Finding a Forever Video Production Partner

With a plan in mind, it’s time to find a partner to help you produce your content. Video marketing requires a special production team. There should be a focus on getting the message across as efficiently as possible. The visual aesthetic should be used to highlight your products and website.

Soulmates take time to find, so don’t rush. There should be a mutual excitement about the project your proposed. Best advice: You’ll know when the right one comes along. 

Getting on the Right Platforms

Finally, it’s time to put your campaign out there. You’ve got the produced videos, the timeline, and the PR/Marketing team to back you up. It’s time to launch. But where to put your finished product?

The top two platforms are YouTube and Facebook. YouTube is the future of cable television. Facebook is the future of communication.

Video marketing is the key to boosting your brand to the next level. A good campaign will boost your sales above your competition.

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