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How to Write a Great Script for your Video Marketing Campaign

Mar 16, 2016

Video directors are often highly praised on their work for what they shoot, cut and edit. Think back to the Oscars. I bet most of you can remember at least one director nominated (Steven Spielberg – Now you can). What about the script writers? Aren’t they the unsung heroes of a movie? (They are according to the credits in Deadpool). Think about it. None of your favorite films would exist without their talented script writers.

After all, they give the audience what they want, they set the pace for the film and decide on the scenes that we all love to watch. Before jumping straight into the fancy part of creating your storyboard and assembling your graphics, you need to take one step back and write a killer script.

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For those of you who aren’t confident writers, and feel your skills are more suited towards the graphical end, then this blog was written just for you! We are going to take you through how to write a great script for your video marketing campaign with 6 straightforward video marketing tips.

1) Focus on your goals, audience, and key takeaways

First things First. You should start off by writing a brief. This doesn’t necessarily have to be anything fancy. In fact, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication for most writers. When writing your brief make sure to focus on a couple of decisive questions that should help guide your video marketing campaigns script.

2) Address your audience and write conversationally

Keeping your viewers in mind is vital for getting it right. Every awesome marketing video out there has been created with the audience in mind. It’s an absolute must. They make the viewers feel as if they are directly spoken to rather than as a collective group. To have a successful marketing video, you need to understand your audience and write your script accordingly. Would you use the same language and gestures for people across different cultures? Should your audience influence the formality of your script? Here’s how to customize your video to your audience’s characteristics and drive engagement.

What better way to address your audience as individuals than to talk to them in a clear, conversational manner? When it comes to writing your marketing script, ensure that the viewer has enough to believe that you are authentic and genuine, which may not always be evident through a video.

3) Make your script detailed and write every word

One of the most common mistakes amongst video marketers is creating a script that only contains dialogue. It should be thorough enough to pass it on to someone else to shoot. Write down all the characters, scenes, stage actions, directions and all the paramount information to make your script accurate and comprehensive.

We are fully for making your writing process easier, but you may want to stay away from bullet points. Now we know bullet points are easy to use and make it simpler to read what you have written, but they can do more harm than good. Bullet points and other summarized shortcuts rely on you to act on the spot and improvise when it comes to recording your video animations, which in theory will result in re-dos.

Our advice, write down every single word.

4) Make sure your script is brief

Did you know that 20% of your viewers will close your video after 10 seconds or less? The shorter your video is, the better. The first few moments of your video have to be compelling. It has to hook your audience to the point they finish your video. To make sure your video script is brief, start by writing out your full script and gradually shortening it until you are left with a brief and powerful script.

5) End your script with a Call to Action

Your marketing video should ALWAYS end with a clear and concise call to action. What particular action do you want your viewers to take after watching your online video? Do you want them to visit your website, purchase a promoted product, or socially share your online video? Let your viewers know what action they should take and invite them to do so.

6) Do a table read (read your script out loud)

Once you are happy with your script, right before you start recording your video, perform a table read. By reading it out loud, you can sharpen it and make sure it flows. How you write and how you speak can sometimes be two completely different things. After all, your online video should in some way, shape or form connect with your audience, practicing your approach will only benefit your marketing campaign.

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Now that you have all the elements, it’s time to write your perfect script. Remember, set aside some time so that your finished script is not rushed and one that you are proud of. Once you have the perfect script, you need to bring it to life! Sign up here for your free Moovly account and get started on your video animation today.

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