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Analytics for Better Business Outcomes

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“Not All Analytics Are Created Equal” – Thomas Jefferson

Informed decision making in a business depends on the ability to convert the raw data into useful business purposes.
Advanced analytics can enable organizations to achieve insights that engage customers and drive more
sales to gain a competitive advantage

Discover Business Analytics
for Better Outcomes

We bring the opportunity with analytics expertise to explore data sources, unlock hidden patterns & drive insights relevant to the business growth for improved competitive advantage

Sentiment Analysis

Know What Your Customers Say About You

A business-critical need that improves customer experience by analyzing text that extracts users’ emotions for better communication & even identifies issues before leading to bigger concerns. Our sentiment analysis services enable organizations to find out what their customers, employees, and partners are saying about them by evaluating customer service data, reviews, social media channels

Keys to Find Business Value in Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment data shared by users on several social media platforms can be invaluable for businesses to improve the services, make better decisions and promote their brands the right way. Proper Analytics using techniques like NLP, Data Science etc. can help your organization in various ways

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Adjust Marketing Campaign

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Enhance Service Quality

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Improve Customer Support

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Monitor Brand Reputation

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Track Users' Reactions to New Products

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Collect Intelligence on Your Competitors

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Identify Trends from Social Media Platforms

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Analyze Opinions of Organization's Staffs

Predictive Analytics

Analyze Patterns & Past to Predict Future Outcomes

Using historical data, Machine Learning, Data Mining, & Artificial Intelligence concepts, our services help in predicting
future happenings of the organizations. We enable more proactive decision making with actions that can lead to positive operational changes and avoid high risks

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Ways Businesses Can Benefit with Predictive Analytics

Effective predictive analytics needs data for analysis, models to be built, and leadership that put predictions into actions for better outcomes.

Avoid Customer Churn

Analyze customer response towards the product and catch them before they churn & retain most valuable customers

Detect Frauds

Prevent Fraudulent Activity & improve pattern detection to reduce risk optimizing business budget

Meet Customer Demand

Analytics uncover new market trends & audience to fulfill evolving customers’ needs & deliver personalized experiences


Connecting Social Networks with IoT

To drive more impactful data-driven possibilities, Social IoT comes with the collaboration of IoT and Social Networking to create
networks where things act as the nodes that build social links. It doesn’t mean smart objects getting connected to social networks but to intelligent devices that build relationships among objects leading to social
networks of their own without dependency on humans.

Why Collaborate Social Networking with IoT?

Using Social Internet of Things, things can establish social relationships with other objects without human intervention. Here are some of the main benefits

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Structure of social IoT can be shaped as required to guarantee network navigability for the easier discovery of objects/ services and better scalability like in human social networks

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As the networks of objects will become larger, models designed to study human social networks will be helpful to address IoT issues (related to extensive networks of interconnected objects)

Making Advanced Analytics Work for Your Business

Don’t let the gauntlet of digital data scare you! Bluoo Digital can help make sense of your business data with reliable intelligence
for critical decision making and competitive advantage

Want More Insights from Data?

Discuss with our experts to leverage the technology of analytics and drive more impactful data-driven possibilities from large sets of your business data. Let us know how we can help, or schedule a demo!

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