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Bluoo Digital offers merchant processing for businesses/entrepreneurs that most banks would consider a high-risk.

We don’t charge exorbitant fees, and we have a simple approval process.

Our goal is to make it to where you can focus on your business and not have to worry about how you are going to process your customer’s payments.

We may be a digital marketing firm, however, we offer seamless processing for the right clients with the right revenue.

We do have a vetting process, meaning you can’t just have us process your payments without us knowing who you are, having contracts signed and notarized, and making sure you are aware of our processing fees, chargeback fees, deposit schedules and cards that are accepted.

You will have your own login to your personalized client portal (password protected and encrypted) to where you can go through our application submission process.

Our processing service is only available through invite-only unless you have set up an appointment with us to go over your needs.

If you would like to set up an appointment, please email us at processing@bluoodigital.com and go to   https://vectera.com/book/bluoo-processing/ to schedule a meeting.

Quick Questions Answered

We wire every Monday morning for the previous week of sales.
If your customers are aware they will see our specified name on their billing statement and not initiate any charge-backs, we only require the minimal amount to cover any refunds. This varies on the MRR.
Probably the best you’ve encountered. This is not an understatement.
At this time we don’t offer that. We process everything in-house.
Yes. Absolutely, we do. This protects everyone involved as well as makes sure we aren’t responsible for the taxes in relation to the revenue being generated. We recommend having an offshore company with a generalized corporate name, preferably in Hong Kong, Belize or any other relation to those.
Yes. Again, this protects everyone involved.
Specifically processing, since 2010. Digital Marketing…over 25 years.
Yes, we can build those out for you and customize the online buying experience. Most clients have their sites already, but we offer those services as well.
An excel sheet is preferred, with the customer order number, name, phone number, CC number, CCV number, and zip code.
We notify you immediately of the reason in relation to the declined payment. This aids in the loss of any revenue and opens the communication to get repeat customers for you.
Our merchant relationship with our bank is important to us. We call to verify every customer is real and not a fraudulent purchase. We don’t talk to your customer, it’s a simple auto-dial system that calls the customer’s phone number to verify it is a working number. Simple, easy and effortless.
For $50,000.00 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and under we have a 9% processing fee. For $50,001.00 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and over we have an 8% processing fee.
We really like to avoid these at all costs, however, they happen from time to time. Bluoo Digital charges 3.5% for all chargebacks. This is to cover our costs and in transparency, this fee gets deposited back into our account to cover any outstanding fees the bank may charge us.
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