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SEO For Local Businesses: Easy Strategies To Dominate Local Search

If you’ve been watching best SEO strategies online for quite some time, then you might have realized one thing: SEO keeps on changing. On the subject of SEO for local businesses, it’s highly relevant that you optimize both your off-site and on-site SEO strategies. In doing so, customers and clients alike will be able to find your local business. Local competition is rough and if you don’t appear on top of search engines, bet your competitors will.

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Having said so, here are solid tactics that ever local business should use to rank high for local searches.

1. Meta description and title tags matter a lot

Both meta descriptions and title tags are two HTML elements that are highly customizable. You can change them to portray the content of your website page. The text of your description and title tags shows up in search results. Think of the text as a “mini-ad” that you must craft with care.

In 2016, Google raised the width of search results area up to 600px. In light of this, Google accepts title tags with characters of about 50 to 60 characters; and 160 to 200 characters for description tags.

This width increase is an added advantage that you can make use of it wisely. Most importantly, ensure you double-check whether your descriptions and titles are being cut out in search results.

Tips: Since this space is valuable, you should never use page names that don’t have helpful information: it would be a waste of space if you did. If you desire to reach out to local customers, include the city’s name where your business is located or the area it serves. (For example, serving Poulsbo or Gig Harbor)

2. Citations and online directories

Google states that at least 4 consumers out of 5 carry out local searches using search engines. As huge an opportunity screams, lots of local companies haven’t claimed even one online listing.

It is essential that you list your business on the most reputable local directories. More so, your businesses should appear on top online directories such as Citysearch and Yelp.

Further, you should get the phone number (NAP), address and name of your business on the top citation data aggregators such as Factual and Acxiom. Your business’ NAP should always appear on as many citation sites and directories as possible.

3. Use structured data markup

Commonly known as “schema.org markup” or “schema markup,” structured data markup can be included in your site’s code. This will offer search engines added details about your local business such as your services, products, and reviews you’ve received, among other details.

Sadly, only 31.3% of sites use this markup. Most of them use the basics only. This is a great chance to ensure your local company stands out – and maybe you’ll rank top of your competitors.

Structured data markup helps Google’s spiders to identify the content of your website. Above all, Google provides a Structured Data Testing Tool for businesses to check whether their markups are rightfully implemented.

4. Online reviews are important

Finally, businesses have now realized how important online reviews are. A current survey states that 84% of readers trust customer reviews just as they do to personal recommendations. The survey further states that 7 out of 10 customers are willing to write a review for a company if that company asked them to.

There are numerous reputation marketing tools and software you can use to manage, track and get reviews. Some of them include Vendasta and Trust Pilot.

Alternatively, you can use social media channels such as Tiny Torch and Hootsuite to receive and monitor alerts whenever someone mentions your brand. Importantly, always ensure you respond to a review whitener a person leaves one; regardless of whether the review is negative or positive.

The bottom line

Local SEO is a great tactic that allows businesses to reach out to customers based on their location; whether Poulsbo, Gig Harbor or Tacoma.

When implemented effectively, it can aid businesses with a tiny footprint to outrank big businesses. Therefore, if your businesses serve customers in a specific geographical area such as Seattle or Silverdale, then you require SEO.

Further, if your company has several locations or serves several areas, you should have a solid SEO for local businesses. This strategy will let searchers find your business locations and compete against other businesses in those locations.
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  1. It’s really great that you discussed how local SEO services effectively market enterprises and reach out customers and clients far and deep within the business’s geographical area of operation. This is just the kind of reach and rootedness that my dad wants to achieve for his downtown museum and co-working space. He wants to market his three blocks of prime heritage property to the whole of Sacramento to establish its name both online and offline as the leading Native American hub in the whole of California.

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