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Engineers across the globe are brainstorming and finding new ways to unleash technology against Coronavirus. Now, Apple’s Siri is helping users understand the symptoms of the fatal disease as well as advising precautions.

Apple has updated its virtual assistant in the last few days to offer more in-depth help for anyone worried they may have contracted the virus. Siri will also answer the one question we have all been most tensed about “Do I have the coronavirus?”

It’ll lead the user through a series of questions to help them determine what they need to do. Siri will ask users questions based on information available from the U.S. Public Health Service. The assistant will ask users if they are showing symptoms of the disease.

These symptoms include dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath. Those who show signs of the life-threatening symptoms will be recommended to contact 911 for emergency help.

If your answers indicate no signs of contracting Coronavirus, Siri will recommend you to remain indoors, avoid social gatherings, and take basic precautions like wearing a mask in public and sanitizing your hands frequently.

CEO Tim Cook has pledged to donate millions of masks to healthcare workers in the U.S. and Europe. Earlier this month, the company also donated $15 million to help affected victims and communities. For now, the feature is limited to the U.S only.

Technology is being extensively used to mitigate the effects of Coronavirus. The WHO and Indian government have launched chatbots in association with WhatsApp to counter spread of misinformation and directly educate people.

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