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Snoop Dogg and Cranberry Juice Icon Doggface208 Pitch Home Security Systems | Branding in Asia Magazine

Vivint Smart Home, Inc. teamed up with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg and viral TikTok star Nathan Apodaca, AKA Doggface208, in a TVC spot, “Guard Doggs,” to showcase the ease of having a Vivint smart home security system installed.

The two Doggs, both straight-faced, sit casually with Apodaca drinking cranberry juice and Snoop drinking what we assume is gin n’ juice, as a Vivint technician gets to work. It’s that easy says the light-hearted 30-second spot which is part of the “Hassles Not Included” campaign created in partnership with Known.

Nathan Apodaca, better known as Doggface208, became an overnight sensation after a TikTok of him longboarding while drinking cranberry juice, and listening to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac went viral. Snoop Dogg has become somewhat of an advertising commodity, appearing previously in campaigns for Old Navy and Adidas among numerous others.

“The timing is perfect because my long-time hair stylist’s home was just broken into so the first thing we did was to set her up with a Vivint smart home security system,” said Snoop Dogg. “The last thing you need in your life is another hassle. Vivint makes it easy to turn your home into a smart home.”

The campaign will span national TV, digital, social, and more.

Vivint is also running a contest called the #DoThisAllDay Instagram Challenge. Find out more about that here.

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