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Sponsored Content: Redefining the coupon…for lead generation, ROI and branding in the digital era

Think you know who uses coupons?

Today, Generation X and Millennials are the biggest users of both digital and print coupons. Here are some other pertinent demographics of the typical West Michigan coupon user:  

  • $100,000-plus household income
  • College-educated
  • Homeowner
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Married female

These are hardly penny pinchers.  In fact, it’s more likely that the typical West Michigan couponer is an affluent, educated young mother living in Ada, East Grand Rapids, Hudsonville or Rockford.

Although clipping coupons from the Sunday Grand Rapids Press is mostly a thing of the past, new technologies have actually increased the popularity of coupons among consumers as well as business-to-business (B2B) customers.  

And no wonder:  In an era where businesses demand lead generation and hard evidence of return-on-investment (ROI) for their marketing spend, there are scant marketing tools that can match the venerable coupon.  

That’s why Valpak of West Michigan has used coupon-based strategies to:

  • Bring awareness to opportunities with local Parks and Rec Departments such as East Grand Rapids and City of Walker by building awareness of their services, events and classes.
  • Contribute to organizations such as Gilda’s Club LaughFest and events such as the Grand Rapids Mud Run to spread the word and increase event attendance.
  • Help home improvement companies such as Montell Construction, Huyser Asphalt and Irish Roofing and Exteriors generate high-quality leads.
  • Drive awareness to restaurants such as Cherie Inn and Lai Thai Kitchen to ensure they stay top of mind and keep their tables full in the highly competitive dining industry.
  • Support automotive businesses such as Alpine Pennzoil and  stay in front of their customers and earn new business with value-driven incentives.

While Valpak is best known for its coupon-filled Blue Envelopes that are mailed to 37 million homes nationwide each month — and more than 160,000 in Greater Grand Rapids alone — the company also offers an impressive portfolio of traditional and digital marketing tools.  

Valpak of West Michigan works with hundreds of local companies to generate sales through coupons, direct mail and digital tools including valpak.com, Smartphone apps, Google partnerships, website development, mobile web optimization, social media and reputation-management tools.

Our local account managers work one-on-one with advertisers to generate new customer transactions by distributing the right message, at the right time, with the right vehicle, to the right people.  Each campaign is focused on delivering strategic offers and incentives that will drive transactions.

In addition to a variety of print products and our digital suite, Valpak can also help you test the neighborhood, locally, regionally and nationally with our enhanced testing and targeting features:

  • Unique ID/Address Matchback
  • A/B/C/D Testing
  • Selective Targeting
  • Custom Envelopes

Our enhanced capabilities allow us to target specific households based on data-driven information and test different offers, both in the mailbox and online for maximum results. We leverage desktop, mobile and social media capabilities to target the same households or audience received a Valpak direct mail piece.

In addition to providing product solutions, testing capabilities and targeting opportunities, we work hard to measure your campaign success. Valpak elevates performance tracking tools to a new level, giving insight into how people are responding to your marketing campaigns. When consumers call your unique call tracking number, print your online coupon, or click on your business listing, you’ll know.

Valpak advertising and marketing works for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today for case studies from these Valpak partners:

  • Goodyear:  5.1% increase in sales
  • Terminex: 55% more phone calls
  • Petflow:  13% increase in items ordered
  • Bealles: 16:1 return on ad spend
  • McDonalds: 16% higher average ticket

Proven marketing solutions, data-driven insights, local ownership and sales representatives that live and works in your neighborhood. These are just a few reasons to partner with Valpak of West Michigan.  See-long term results from your marketing efforts today.

Lia Rain Jensen is a veteran marketer and the owner of Valpak of West Michigan, Inc. For more information about how to improve your company’s marketing ROI and increase lead generation, contact her 616-261-2626 or via email at .

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