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Video: Marketing the 1961 Chryslers | Mac’s Motor City Garage

Check out the full Chrysler division product line for 1961, tailfins and all, in this original factory promo.

This original Chrysler division spot does an able job of detailing the 1961 product line, which that year consisted of three model lines: the premium New Yorker, the familiar Windsor, and a new trim level for ’61, the Newport, which slotted in below the Windsor as the new base model in the lineup. The Saratoga, Chrysler’s previous mid-range model that shared its long-wheelbase platform with the senior New Yorker, was discontinued as the division worked to spread its product lineup over a broader price range. It’s interesting to note that the high-performance 300G is not included here. With its sales volume pegged at approximately 1600 units, the letter car was essentially a boutique item for ’61.

While Virgil Exner’s Forward Look era at Chrysler Corporation was drawing to a close by 1961, the Chrysler division’s cars retained their strong Forward Look flavoring, with dramatically canted tailfins, a plunging roofline, and quad headlamps arranged at a rakish 45-degree angle. And though the Chrysler Corporation as a whole did not fare too well in the 1961 sales charts, the senior Chrysler brand held its own with more than 96,000 cars delivered. For that we can credit the the new low-priced Newport, the top seller by far at more than 57,000 units. Video below.

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